Magyar Tancok, part of OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE ON THE 'MALTA' - 2007

Eszter Salamon
Duration: 1h 20


Between the inherited and the acquired
Between culture and identity
Between the traditional and the present

In Magyar Táncok, Eszter Salamon talks about the roots of her work of a contemporary choreographer. She analyses her life experiences of going to ballet school behind the Iron Curtain, of being a Hungarian girl true to the folk tradition, and finally, the experience of her studies in France and the turn towards modern dance. Hosted by the choreographer seated behind a coffee table, this unique conference is inlaid with dancing fragments performed by Eszter herself, as well as professional Hungarian dancers led by the artist's mother, Ms Erzsebet Salamon. The dancers are accompanied by a band led by Eszter's brother, Ferenc Salamon. The spectacle also features archive video materials, in which we see small Eszter learn Hungarian dances under her mother's watchful eye. And later, when in the same dances she finds material for rebellion against totalitarianism and obsolete traditions. At the end of the spectacle, adult Eszter, who once couldn't accept being forbidden to dance like men, dances in silence, between heaven and earth, and in front of everybody's eyes affirms and proves her emancipation. Yet her gestures of today inadvertently reveal their background - the ancestors' gestures written in tradition.

It is an intimate meeting with an artist and the art of choreography.

Eszter Salamon presents a return to the roots that is both dazzling and intriguing

(Nyon, Festival des arts vivants)

conception : Eszter Salamon; z udziałem Endre Liber, Róbert Liber, Róbert Csögör, Zoltán Gémesi, Erzsébet Salamon, Ferenc Salamon, Eszter Salamon

Data: 2007-06-26 Godzina: 22:00

Miejsce: Stary Browar (Studio)