The poise rite


The sensitivity of the band’s rock music brings three sources to mind: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Placebo and Interpol. Based mainly on guitar rapaciousness, their compositions are plain and suggestive. Sharp sound remains in perfect harmony with interesting lyrics, which are full of existential reflection tinged with psychedelic and impressionistic elements. The Poise Rite was formed by Bartłomiej Zaborowski and Paweł Czekański in 1997. Since then, the group have covered a long and stormy way both at home and abroad. New ideas appeared, interesting record and video clip proposals were made, subsequent musicians would came and go; only the drive to play remained the same. In 2001, they recorded their debut material, Jutro bez znaczenia, which brought them acclaim in Polish musical circles. In 2003, the lads from Rzeszów set sail for England, not only – as it later turned out – to earn some money; the band found recognition on the English underground scene. This year, their dream has eventually come true: the group have made their first record. To the ‘Malta’, they are bringing their new material, which will probably make all Poise Rite fans giddy.

band: Bartłomiej Zaborowski – vocals, guitar, Olegs Samsonovs – drums, Krystian Kwolek – bass
Data: 2007-06-26 Godzina: 22:30
Miejsce: Scena nad Maltą/Trybuny ziemne