In Pieces

Director: Tim Etchells
Choreography: Fumiyo Ikeda
Duration: 1 h 15 min


In Pieces, a show which focuses on memory, was inspired by Franz Kafka's words in his letter to Oskar Pollack: "A book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us." To break the ice of the conscious, to reach our innermost depth – this is the goal chosen by Fumiyo Ikeda and Tim Etchells. We know the difference between explicit and implicit memory, but what are the routes which lead us to that which is veiled, blurred or forgotten within us? What is the process of remembering and forgetting and what does it respond to?
The artists answer these questions by reconstructing a jigsaw puzzle of remembered sentences, movements, tales, emotional state, sounds and songs. The pieces express the unstable, often absurd, surprising and poetical nature of memory. Ikeda and Etchells present a series of variations (that are often very funny) about what constitutes our mental interior. They explore the structures of memory: personal and collective, corporeal and mental, of the trivial and the significant, of the distant and the recent.

script and stage management: Tim Etchells
choreography and interpretation: Fumiyo Ikeda
lighting design: Nigel Edwards
stage design: Richard London
costumes: Ann Weckx
music collaboration: George van Dam

production: Rosas

premiere 4 June 2009 Kaaistudio’s, Brussels