Duration: 1h 40


A true revelation for the artist was a theatrical workshop held in 1997 at a psychiatric institution. This is where Pippo met Bobó, a deaf and mute retarded old man, who had spent forty-five years in confinement. ”The little man did beautiful, unusual things. I thought I myself had finally gone insane, but from the very start he appeared to me a great actor – poetic, sweet, mysterious – whose movements were subtle and meaningful, full of grace and agility,” remembers Delbono. Bobó and several other retarded, sick, homeless people who had experienced hardships of life, became the hallmark of the Compagnia’s work, as it is Pippo Delbono’s idea to look for beauty in ugliness and the dramatic aspect of the human body. A body imperfect, disabled; a body that excludes one from the society.

It is Bobó, who is the anti-hero of Urlo. In line with one of the guiding principles of this company, which leans towards the essence of life, it is a performance whose spectators make up their own stories: of emotions, images, ideas, allegories presented on stage, they compile a sense, which then they take away, inside. Thus, what will we take away from this intricate compilation of cabaret laughter and austerity of the theatre, loud popular music and roughness of the text? What else will we hear in this furious heroic shout of a man trying to draw attention to the immediate need to transform the world into a more humane place? Will we discern a common tone, this quiet, omnipresent sound of love in the cry of a child and groans of a tortured victim, in the wailing of the wind and howling of wolves?

original idea and directed: Pippo Delbone; set design: Philippe Marioge; lighting design : Manuel Bernard; music: Germana Mastropasqua; performers: Fadel Abeid, Dolly Albertin, Gianluca Ballarè, Raffaella Banchelli, Bobò, Viola Brusco, Enkeleda Cekani, Margherita Clemente, Piero Corso, Pippo Delbono, Lucia Della Ferrera, Ilaria Distante, Claudio Gasparotto, Gustavo Giacosa, Simone Goggiano, Elena Guerrini, Mario Intruglio, Nelson Lariccia, Gianni Parenti, Mr. Puma, Pepe Robledo, Marzia Valpiol
production: Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Festival d’Avignon, Le Volcan - Scène nationale de la villle du Havre, Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Scène nationale de Sète, Spielzeiteuropa Berliner Festspiele, Teatro di Roma, Thèâtre de la Cité - Thèâtre national de Toulouse; collaboration: Fondazione Orestiadi di Gibelllina; international management Aldo Grompone

Data: 27,28-06-2007 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: CK Zamek (Dziedziniec Różany)