Mysteries and smaller pieces

Duration: 2h 15


Mysteries and Smaller Pieces originated in 1964 as one of the ensemble’s first collective creations and as one of many pieces rooted in Antonin Artaud’s teachings. In the French visionary’s words, Mysteries is not a regular performance, it is a ritual, i.e. a place where the sacrum finds its embodiment, and where plague rages; it brings the individual not only death, but also hope of survival through cleansing the abscesses; finally, it is alchemy which evokes “in the mind a feeling of absolute and abstract cleanness, behind which there is nothing”.

collective creation by The Living Theatre; performers: Claire Lebowitz, Thomas Walker, Pat Russell, Jerry Goralnick, Joanie Zosike, Misha Shulman, Lois Kagan Mingus, Martin Reckhaus, Judith Rimerman, Craig Peritz, Amber, Philip Brehse, Michael Steger, Marc Pujol, Stefan Dreisbach-Williams

Data: 28,29,30-06-2007 Hour: 19:00
Place: CK Zamek (Sala Wielka)