Pamiętnik - film screening

Duration: 40 min


You have learned about the unusual history of Teatr U Przyjaciół in the THEATRE section; now we should mention their activity in an area that might be labelled "with camera in the fantastic, albeit gloomy world of visions and revelations". The group have shot a number of short and feature-length films, mainly about Witkacy: Teoria Czystej Formy Witkacego, Sonata Szymanowskiego na dwóch Witkacych, Ten wariat Witkacy or Dokumenty z życia Witkacego (all made in 2003, and shown in Poznań, and, naturally, Zakopane), as well as Po drugiej stronie szafy (2004), E.A. Poe - Opowieści niesamowite (2005), Ymakrape - tryptyk biblioteczny (2006).

Pamiętnik, their newest production, invites the spectator to look for his own story among retrospective-dreamy visions based on words read in a diary. The film is an attempt to challenge the as yet impenetrable problems of fate, destiny, mysterious signs that appear on our - always winding and ambiguous - ways.

Data: 2007-06-28 Hour: 20:00, 22:00
Place: Teatr U Przyjaciół