One's a company, two's a crowd



Part of "OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE ON THE 'MALTA' - 2007" project

Applying rich and innovatory language of dance, One's a company, two's a crowd talks about the situation of the individual in the society, about the human need to form relations and about our everyday games. The artists are interested in the beauty of our quasi-normal normality; the conformist and the rebel in each of us; in tragicomical, sometimes absurd social situations; in moments of isolation - moments, when we can discard our external façades and reveal what we are able to hide in the presence of others. The stage background for the piece are video projections, whose elements "seep" into the performance space, thus building interaction between the reality and stage fiction.

What is striking in the Higginbotham-Blanchard duet is their respect for each other, and the ability to maintain balance in their work so that none of them dominates on stage. These are the qualities which let them generate profound honesty, which is indispensable to produce, even for a fleeting moment, an illusion of reality. Artists are able to move the spectators not only on the emotional, but also on the intellectual level, and convey the truth about the human experience. Each of their performances is a result of intense process of exploration and thorough reflection on reality. ("Ballet-tanz")

... personal, captivating; gets under one's skin ("Svenska Dagbladet")

Fantastic demonstration of what is best in modern dance ("Västerbottens Folkblad")

Choreography and performed by: Philippe Blanchard & Gemma Higginbotham

Data: 2007-06-28 Godzina: 21:00
Miejsce: Stary Browar (Studio)