Duration: 1h


Part of "OLD BREWERY NEW DANCE ON THE 'MALTA' - 2007" project

Hypertopia is a word coined of two others: utopia (vision of a perfect world and society) and hyperopia, a specialist term describing a type of eyesight deficiency, commonly known as farsightedness or narrowed field of vision. The combination of the two words brings forth a question: does the dream of the ideal society lead straight to the conviction that the end justifies the means, and thus to a certain "selective blindness" to what is happening around us? What guides societies today is a yearning for utopia, as well as an obsession with political, religious and racial perfection. Don't we know today, better than at any other moment, how big a danger fanaticism carries? And how strong are the social tensions originating in abnormal and obsessive drive for ideal purity?

The Dutch-Canadian choreographer André Gingras touches upon socially relevant subjects in almost all his works. However, Hypertopia is more than just a performance: it has also produced a blog (http://www.hypertopia-weblog.com/), which is an invitation to join in a wider, not just one-time, performance-related social discussion.

in Gingras' performance (...) the moment appears not to pass at all, minimalism of images is mixed here with their physical intensity. ("Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung")

In an excellently dry form Gingras asks uneasy questions. This way, uninterruptedly, for a number of years he has been one of the most interesting Dutch artists of the stage. ("Düsseldorfer Kultur")

Data: 2007-06-29 Hour: 21:00
Place: Stary Browar (Studio)