Alice in Wonderland

Duration: 1h


Alice in Wonderland is a story inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous novel. Of the numerous myths that have grown up around the writer, allegations that he was Jack the Ripper are the most interesting. In 1996, a book by Richard Wallace called Jack the Ripper, Light-Hearted Friend, went as far as to offer a theory according to which detailed accounts of the London crimes hidden in parts of Carroll’s novel could be decoded by means of the anagram method. Although contrary to the truth, the discovery is very interesting and lets one look at Alice’s adventures in a thoroughly different light. And this is exactly what the artists of Theater Gajes do. They have found a hidden meaning to the novel, and turned the child’s story into a spectacle for adult audiences. Here, Alice falls victim to an old writer, who deprives her of sleep, draws her into the world of literary fiction, and even tries to convince the child that she does not exist outside its boundaries. Will Alice prove strong enough to break free from her tormentor’s control and take her life back into her hands? Are we capable of that?

directed by: Mark Kingsford; idea and concept: Norbert Busschers; music: Bas van Waard, Marcel van der Schot, Petra Appelman, Monique Bollen; text: Janice Slot, Norbert Busschers; costumes: Riëtte Sommerdijk; objects: Roderik Sommerdijk; performers: Maarten van den Berg, Linda van Boxtel, Norbert Busschers, Teun Christoffels, Joyce van Esch, Mariel Vaartjes, Roderik Sommerdijk, Clara Wilken
Data: 29,30-06-2007 Hour: 22:30
Place: Stary Rynek