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Duration: 1h 30


Book promotion: Corpus Jan Fabre by Luk van den Dries

30 June, 11 a.m.

Dziedziniec Muzeum Archeologicznego (Museum of Archaeology Courtyard)

Jan Fabre (1958) is an opera and theatre director, a choreographer, performer, visual artist and dramatist. His work continually and radically seeks human beauty and spirituality in the truth conveyed by the body. He has presented his works at the Venice Biennale, the Documenta in Kassel and many other theatre and dance festivals worldwide, including Avignon where, in 2005, he was artiste-associé, an associated artist with influence on the festival programme.

The book by Luk van der Dries is a record of Fabre's theatre practice and ideas. It outlines the major themes in the director's work, reconstructs its history and evolution. It provides the reader with an opportunity to take a close look at it through the author's journal of following the rehearsal process for the show Parrots and Guinea Pigs, as well as through interviews with the artist and his collaborators: a fetish-artist, a dramatist, a choreographer and a dancer, who share their insights into their experience of working with Jan Fabre.

"But I'm interested in man as he moves beyond humanistic traits: man as a creature that's full of flaws, impulses, wrong decisions, urges, instincts, pettiness, jealousy...All those things that make him beautiful. I'm interested in the body as a reservoir of contradictions, conflicts and traps. That's what makes a human being so interesting to me. The artist's assignment is to penetrate as deeply as possible that secret place where the primal power feeds all evolution. That's where you'll find an instinctive knowledge that's based on the survival instinct."

Jan Fabre

Luk Van den Dries studied German Language and Literature at the University of Brussels. He started his academic career in 1980 with a research fellowship at the University of Brussels and later moved to Antwerp for a Teaching Assistant post in Theatre Studies. He got his PhD with a research on "Performance Analysis: Performance history of Heiner Müller in Belgium". Currently Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and visiting professor for the postgraduate degree in Stage Design (Hogeschool Antwerpen). He is the author of several books and articles investigating the development of theatre in Flanders and the Netherlands. Together with Jan Fabre he founded Aisthesis, a research centre on the representation of the body in theatre today. Works as a freelance dramatist for Jan Fabre (Tannhäuser, Requiem für eine Metamorphose). Together with Louise Chardon he founded the theatre company AndWhatBesidesDeath.