Odkrycie fresku w fabryce konserw


The project is about the discovery of a mural at a public site. By luck and coincidence a piece of plaster falls from a tenement house unveiling a mural from several hundred years ago. Despite its not very good condition and the necessity to restore it by a conservator, it reveals a story that makes a perfect reference to current events – the idea to build a minaret within the public space of Poznań. The mural seems to depict this event. It shows the history of the building's construction many years ago: the stage of agreeing the formal and administrative issues, the construction work and, finally the ceremonious opening and the people's reactions divided into those of approval and those of negation. The painting precedes the potential minaret construction whilst concurrently projecting into the past and reconstructing something that has not happened yet. Consequently, the chronological sequence of events becomes a matter of convention and the memory retains only the event itself; an event which is significant to the residents, also the future ones.

Artistic production: Michał Stachyra

Curator: Mika Grochowska

Production: the Malta Foundation

Acknowledgments: Galeria appendix2, Warsaw, Barka Fundation in Poznan