Nauka latania

Duration: 50 min


Nauka Latania is a performance about the myth of freedom, which everyone carries within, hoping that one day we shall be able to deliver ourselves from suits and high-heeled shoes, from the everyday routine of brushing teeth and going to work, from all these dictates, bans, orders, schedules which regulate our lives... Do we want it, however? Can we do it? Perhaps, it is more convenient, simply simpler, to keep our place in a neat, straight line?
script: zespół; directed by: Adam Ziajski; music: Artur SOSEN Klimaszewski; set design: Adam Wojda; costumes: Agnieszka Krupieńczyk; performers: Iwona Kotzur, Adam Wojda, Adam Ziajski, Przemo Prasnowski, Piotr Kamiński, Artur Klimaszewski, Julian Pęksa, Wojciech Luchowski

Data: 2006-06-30, 2006-07-01, 2006-07-02 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Modena (Parking)