Duration: 1h 10


Radosław Paczocha has said about his play: ... I tried to take photographs of the states of consciousness of a man who, regardless of whether he is guilty or not, has to make a convincing performance. If he is guilty he must believably act innocent. And if he is innocent he still has to even more persuasively 'create' the image of an innocent person. The necessity of endlessly responding to accusations inevitably causes deep changes in the defendant's consciousness who, like a chess player, must anticipate the accusers' questions. Whether he wants it or not, he finally lets their voice inside his head. This creates a pervasive dependence in his consciousness on what he is actually trying to deny. … His whole effort must be directed at defending himself; but himself as whom: the victim or the criminal?

Director: Krzysztof Rekowski
Stage Designer: Maciej Chojnacki
Music: Marcin Mirowski
Film projections: Emilia Sadowska
Cast: Łukasz Chrzuszcz, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Ewa Szumska, Teresa Kwiatkowska, Wojciech Kalwat
Première: 12 December 2009

Krzysztof Rekowski is a graduate of the Department of Theatre Directing of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow (2003) and the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdańsk University of Technology (1994). He made his debut with Roland Topor's Zima pod stołem (L'Hiver sous la table) in Teatr Ludowy w Krakowie. He has created numerous shows, including Petr Zelenka's Zwyczajne szaleństwa (Tales of Common Insanity) and Lars von Trier's Szef wszystkich szefów (The Boss of It All) in Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdańsk; Neil LaBute's Gruba świnia (Fat Pig) in Teatr Powszechny w Warszawie; Aleksandr Zheleztsov's Dialogi o zwierzętach and William Shakespeare's Romeo i Julia (Romeo and Juliet) in Teatr im. Cypriana Kamila Norwida w Jeleniej Górze. He has also collaborated with Laboratorium Dramatu in Warsaw.