Panel: A Professional in Theatre

Duration: 1h 30


Participants: Ann Olearts, Paweł Płoski, Paweł Sztarbowski, Steven Vandervelden

Moderator: Paweł Sztarbowski

Ann Olaerts is the director of VTi (Vlaams Theater Instituut, a support centre for the performing arts in Flanders) in Brussels. The VTi has existed since 1987 with the aim of responding to a strongly felt public need, as well as that of professionals within the performing arts field, politicians, students, the press and scientists, for pertinent information about a large number of subjects. This includes artists and their productions, cultural policy and the management of public bodies, possibilities offered on the international scene, developments and trends, infrastructure, distribution and performing arts education. With this in mind, the VTi currently fulfils three main functions: it acts as a database and library, carries out applied research and increases awareness of the performing arts. Ann Olaerts is also on the Board of IETM, and she is a founding member of the platform SPACE (Supporting Performing Art Circulation in Europe). In the past Ann Olaerts worked for several art organizations. From 1999 to 2004 she worked as an advisor for the arts to the Flemish Minister of Culture.

Paweł Płoski is the manager of the literary department of Teatr Narodowy, Warsaw. He is an editorial staff member of the Polish magazine Teatr and the Czech magazine Svět a divadlo. He has written a report about the organisation of Polish theatre life for the Polish Cultural Conference (2009). He has co-edited the album Reżyser. 50 lat twórczości Jerzego Jarockiego (The Director. 50 Years of Jerzy Jarocki's Work, 2007). Holder of the Jerzy Koenig Scholarship (2008).

Paweł Sztarbowski is a theatre commentator contributing to the magazine Notatnik Teatralny and the daily paper Metro. Currently working for his doctor's degree at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). He is a staff member of the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

Steven Vandervelden is the artistic and general director of the multidisciplinary arts centre STUK (Leuven, Belgium).The arts centre presents and produces work in the field of theatre, contemporary dance, the visual arts, media art, music and film. The centre's key words are: innovation, talent coaching and an international focus. STUK has about 100,000 visitors each year. Steven Vandervelden studied law, philosophy and cultural studies. He worked as programmer in the field of music and visual arts. He produced exhibitions with a.o. Pieter Vermeersch, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Wesley Meuris, Angelo Vermeulen and Gabriel Lester.