The March Backwards

Idea: Hanna Gill-Piątek
Duration: 25 min


The March Backwards - action in urban space around Joanna Rajkowska's Minaret

First, there was the Cathedral. Then, a thousand years had to pass before the Synagogue emerged within its vicinity. A century later, a symbolic Minaret was meant to be built on the basis of an unopertional chimney. Probably, this will not happen. The fear of the Unfalmiliar has turned out to be too strong. The Synagogue was ruined during World War II. It serves as an indoor swimming pool for the residents of Poznań to date. The Cathedral lives on.

On 29 June, at 6 p.m., we want to walk from the definitely real cathedral, under the nonexistent, as yet, minaret/chimney, to the synagogue/swimming pool. Backwards. No, this will not be a demonstration, but rather an event within the inner space of the participants of the march. With our bodies we will try to feel the line between the three sites.

When walking backwards we watch our every step, we need help and we need to trust other people. Our attention and consciousness are sharpened. A completely new dimension is created, although we do not abandon reality for even a moment.

In this new place, by experiencing and feeling within the body, it will be possible, for a moment, to build a connection. Not only between these three great traditions, but also between that which dominates within us and that which is suppressed and ruined.

The March Backwards is an open event and anyone is welcome to join in. We are also seeking volunteers who will guide the participants across the more difficult spots. The whole march will last approximately 23 minutes. Please bring comfortable shoes.