WP Zimmer I

VARINIA CANTO VILA / during beginning ending
Cast: Varinia Canto Vila
Duration: 45 min


During Beginning Ending
The actions and movements in this performance can be compared to construction-sites. Construction-sites are attractive because they show the backstage: buildings which may or may not be completed. This state of being "mid-way" is perhaps the best moment to see the intentions, projects and desires of mankind. This space of intention and desire gives visibility to the relation between the dancer and the moving body. It reveals how important self-observation is. Unfinished movements and actions get absorbed into meaninglessness and make all that remains absent more present. In 2009, Varinia was honoured for her show by the jury of Prix Jardins d’Europe.

Concept and performance: Varinia Canto Vila
Music: Christophe Albertijn, Biosphere
Lighting: Brian Broeders
Dramaturgical collaboration: Marnix Rummens
Production: wp Zimmer Antwerpen
Co-production: Studio deSingel Antwerpen
With the support of: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Bains Connective, KC Buda Kortrijk, Workspace Brussels