Director: Davis Freeman
Music: Stephen Sondheim
Group: Random Scream
Duration: 1h 30 min


Assassins is a Broadway musical that explores the dark side of American history. It premiered in 1991 when the United States went into Iraq. Perceived as anti-patriotic, two weeks later it closed. It was set to have a revival on Broadway in 2001 but this coincided with the attack on the World Trade Center. Assassins finally had its moment of success in 2004, after George Bush had been president for 3 years. Assassins is about people who killed or tried to kill American presidents. It tells about their desires and motives. It "questions the American Dream and patriotism. It’s really a story about how far America can go before it destroys itself. You have to accept the American Dream. But what if that dream is assassinating the President? Do you have to accept that as well? Does this fall under the freedom of democracy too?” Freeman asks.
The show combines contemporary drama and Broadway theatre. It is, however, deprived of the Broadway-style glamour and focuses on people seated at a table like during a press conference.

stage management: Davis Freeman
score and lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
script: John Weidman / Davis Freeman
video: Sam Vanoverschelde, Jo Scolo
lighting design: Vincent Malstaf
performers: Adrian Fisher, Bernd Maier, Davis & Kaya Freeman, Leen Diependaele, Caroline Daish, Bernard Eylenbosch, Karim Gharbi, Dianne Weller, Mohamed Yamani & Alejandro Petrasso