Duration: 1 h


Memory is a show about remembering, about the process of recollecting and about identity built on matter of the past. It is a reference to the Cultural Revolution initiated in 1966 by Mao Zedong. This massive sociopolitical movement which lasted until 1976 was also the period of the Living Dance Studio artist’s adolescence. In the performance they interweave their personal stories and experience with documentary records of the period: photographs, objects, interviews and animations which are merged into a poetical narrative featuring elements of dance and theatre (the Living Dance Studio projects are often referred to as “documentary dance”). Memory is an attempt to restore the rightful status of remembering which in modern China is disapproved of for political reasons, but also because the obligatory model of living requires people to look only to the future. The performance is an opportunity to notice the past which can be a source of knowledge and experience.

Choreographer: Wen Hui
Performers: Wen Hui, Li Xinmin
Dramaturgy/video designer: Wu Wenguang
Text: Wen Hui
Music: Wen Bin
Animated film: Hao Zhiqiang
Light designer: Edwin Van Steenbergen
Technician: Jia Nannan
Video operator: Zou Xueping
Music/sound operator: Luo Bing

Production: Living Dance Studio
Co-production: Biennale de la Danse, Lyon, Centre National de la Dance

Support: China Independent Documentary Archives, Borneoco (the Netherlands)
Many thanks to: Estelle Zheng, Berenice Reynaud, Marilyn Ong, Jian Yi, Zheng Fuming, Tian Gebing,Zha Jianying, Zhong Su, Liu Heng