Positions (PL, Urząd Wojewódzki Poznań„, 06.07.12)

Duration: 40 min


Positions is a project that has been presented in several cities across the world, for instance in Warsaw (2009) and, recently, in New York (2011). It is a series of public demonstrations that feature their own individual dramaturgy and choreography inviting viewers/participants to reveal their stands and take positions on socially urgent issues. The public events include local performers who animate the audience and encourage them to take sides in the presented conflict or discussion. Each staging of Positions takes account of local contexts and brings out the social and political problems that are important to the residents. In their preparation of Positions.Poznań Public Movement worked with Poznań artists and consulted local activists representing a variety of social groups to diagnose the residents’ concerns, the issues they wished to demonstrate in public space and those they preferred to conceal.