Plugawe oko poety

Duration: 1 h



Plugawe Oko Poety


Plugawe Oko Poety (The Filthy Eye of the Poet) is an unusual concert resulting from the meeting of a group of artists/friends who wanted to recall thecursed poet, i.e. authors who infringed social and cultural standards expressing their views in ways perceived as shocking. Today, defiance and radicalism have been objectified loosing their potential to change reality. Justyna Szafran and Sztylety avail of texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg and Wystan Hugh Auden to remind listeners that, despite their subversive views and often scandalous behaviour, thecursed poetswere capable of depicting the filth and ugliness of the world in an unusually beautiful and moving way as they explored the causes of its decline. Their poetry will be sung by Justyna Szafran in the rock-psychedelic context of Krzysztof Wiki Nowikows music.


Justyna Szafran is an actress and singer who describes herself as an enthusiast for any kind of infringement. She is a regular member of Teatr Muzyczny Capitol we Wrocławiu.


Krzysztof Wiki Nowikow is a composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He works with Teatr Polski w Poznaniu, Teatr Biuro Podróży, Teatr Muzyczny Capitol we Wrocławiu, Polski Teatr Tańca and Teatr Studio w Warszawie.


Zbigniew Łowżył is a composer, pianist and percussionist. He has created music for theatre and has founded a number of jazz and world music bands. He is also a culture animator who has initiated, for instance, the KontenerArt project in Poznań.


Cezary Cezi Studniak is an actor, director, scriptwriter, musician and cofounder of Formacja Chłopięca Legitymacje. He is a regular member of Teatr Muzyczny Capitol we Wrocławiu.


Marcin Ożóg is a double bassist, member of the band Kariera, DJ, multi-instrumentalist (in Małe Instrumenty) and cofounder of the former group Robotobibok.





KRZYSZTOF WIKI NOWIKOW -  electric guitar

ZBIGNIEW ŁOWŻYŁ -  drums, piano

CEZARY CEZI STUDNIAK - keyboard and percussion instruments, vocal

MARCIN OŹÓG - double bass, bass guitar