Idea: Antonia Baehr
Duration: 70 min


Laugh is a show about laughter and nothing else but laughter. For the length of the piece Antonia Baehr explores this expression as a sovereign entity, in separation from situational baggage (jokes, tickles, errors etc.) looking at it as an object: its sound, shape, music, choreography, composition and rhythm; she explores laughter as pure gesture. Comedy is not really the goal, but the unavoidable by-product does sometimes contagiously get to the other side of the "fourth wall".

Concurrently to the show Antonia Baehr has published the book LACHEN/RIRE/LAUGH which is a record of the project and a specific "users' manual" for the laughter scores included. It also contains exercises to do in groups or individually. The publication records laughter both as a means of personal expression and as an artistic exploration suggesting the prescribed exercises as a tool for all: a tool for the act/gesture of laughing.

Concept, composition, choreography and performance: Antonia Baehr
Artistic collaboration and choreography: Valérie Castan
Dramaturgy: Lindy Annis
Sound composition: Manuel Coursin
Lighting: Sylvie Garot
Production: Ulrike Melzwig, Alexandra Wellensiek/make up productions
Premiere: April 2008