Site Specific

PRZYBYSZ / SZWAJGIER / WOLLNY / Przesilenie letnie


Przesilenie letnie (Summer Solistice) asks the question what Sobótka (St. John's Night) would look like today. What kind of ballads would the romantic poets write if they lived in the 21st century? And what would happen of all this was translated into the modern language of dance and if the lakeside, meadow and forest settings were transferred to the modern architecture layout of Stary Browar? As the viewers wander through the various spaces of Stary Browar and stop at different sites, they become active witnesses to the moments when the tilt of the Earth's axis is most inclined towards the Sun, i.e. to the so-called summer solstice. The performers and dancers will conduct a collective journey in time and a group ritual that heralds a summer of love. The awakened yearning for mystery, a pinch of horror stemming directly from 19th century romance novels and the restless Slavic spirit will overpower their bodies. However the dance will move towards reduction and an inner calming, whilst the choreography will be an installation that takes into account the specific features of the chosen sites. Przesilenie letnie is a frenzy put in order, a ballad deprived of a narrative within the spaces of Stary Browar.

Concept: przybysz/szwajgier/wollny
Choreography: Magdalena Przybysz
Music: Anna Szwajgier/Zorka Wollny
Production: Centrum Sztuki i Biznesu Stary Browar and Art Stations Foundation
Premiere: 25 June 2010