Saligia. 7 grzechów miejskich

Duration: 12h


The subject of the project is seven urban sins that came from seven Christian core sins. Every "sin" is one of the social problems' diagnosis concerning citizens of Poznań. They are main story of the project and they will be presented by vivid pictures moving from one place to another - on special built platform - container.

The container will keep the mansion function like an element of medieval mysteries construction. The inspiration here is on one hand the urban space in its various scenes but on the other hand recalling to the theatrical tradition (medieval mysteries, vivid pictures, theatre-poster and performance) and contemporary artistic practice (Rimini Protokoll).

The inspiration for us is also the idea of MALTA Festival that search for the spaces for theatre in the space non-theatrical. We took the challenge in perverse way - we not only show that the city space can be the stage but also that it is a traditionally theatrical space -preceding building first stage infrastructure.

We want to try to revive urban theatrical tradition, where summer drama played in the crowded or pulled mansions were the most attractive in medieval cities. Using mysteries way to construct the space, we will start the project by the city gates (today's outskirts) and we will end on the Old Market Square. Thanks to that we will reach the blocks of flats, we will appear next to the shopping mails, in the area of industrial buildings, on the main streets and next to the main squares. In other way - in a real rhythm of the city that each zone will be an essential context to the presented pictures.

That way we will transport medieval religion to the contemporary world and the problems of every citizen - consumptions, social pathology, violence and poverty. We will show how those problems are enchanted to each space.

The specificity of the project consists on connecting theatrical tradition (medieval mysteries) and cultural (7 urban sins) with contemporary esthetics and technology that can be used in performative project. All city with a large number of audience become a theatrical stage. As a result, aaccording to MALTA Festival ideas, a theatre becomes here the part of social urban experience.

Data: 23,24-06-2009 Godzina: 09:00
Miejsce: Miasto (start-parking CH M1, finał-Stary Rynek)