Le gourdon n’est pas meuble

Duration: 1 h


"Le goudron n'est pas meuble" ("The asphalt is not furnished")

Dance, surrealism, travel...

Six, a little bit crazy people take possession of full of life crossroad of ways and meetings. Each of them tries in their own way to disprove the meaning and the boundaries of that place. To this end they use almost nothing except their own bodies to overturn to describe the points of reference and to create new territory of perception.

The audience here is not only a viewer; it's also an active participant. The actors interfere in urban space and they also cross the limits of passer-by's privacy. They are touching them, asking them to support each other, they get on their cars. The reactions for that "invasion" are the essential element of the spectacle.

Cast: Nathalie CHAZEAU, Mathias FORGE, Damien GRANGE, Nicolas LANIER, Camille PERRIN and Laure TERRIER.

Data:23,24,25-06-2009 Godzina: 16:00
Miejsce: deptak przed Kupcem Poznańskim (ul. Półwiejska )