Duration: 50 min

"There is no beginning or end, no way in or out, and each signpost points the way back and forth" (J. Joyce, "Ulysses"). Alexandria - a perfect city. Just like many other cities in a tourist leafl et. A place attracting tourists by its aura of uniqueness.

"Alexandria" is the place we aim for, like a moth aims for a candle - a secret garden behind the wall, a lost city full of treasure, the happy island - the lost paradise. Each of the travellers, potential citizens of "Alexandria", comes to the city with a problem he had been unable to solve in the place of their earlier residence, looking for safety, justice, appreciation, attractions, love.

There is a limit of places.

Not all of us can be chosen.

Will we set off , tempted by the leafl et?

The performance is an attempt to pose questions:

Who needs Alexandria?

Is it worth seeking or worth constructing?

Which signposts or construction plans should we


director: Wojciech Wiński

screenplay: Ewa Kaczmarek, Wojciech Wiński, Kamil Macejko

music: Łowżył i +pituri

costumes: Ewa Mrz

scenographic collaboration: Dariusz Swojak

lights: Łukasz Wieczorek

aktorzy | cast: Ewa Kaczmarek, Katarzyna Kłosowska, Dominik Złotkowski, Kamil

Macejko, Adam Łoniewski, Artur Śledzianowski, Krzysztof Blok, Remigiusz

Najewski, Przemysław Zbroszczyk

Data: 23,24-06-2009 Godzina: 22:00
Miejsce: Stadion Klubu Sportowego "Warta" (wejście od ul. Chwiałkowskiego)