Nuit de Lumiére

Duration: 1 h

They traverse through the centuries with the speed of light. Unquestioned fire wizards...innumerable dreams more realistic then the reality are their only wealth.

Listen...listen and watch the most incredible story about the "People of Light"

"Suddenly the city is on fire."

The magic of pictures, the magic of fire. That spectacle takes the audience to the trip which displaces them in space and time for a while. Streets and pavements will flare shining structures up which as a constellations will appear at every corner. The Incredible People of the Lights create that apotheoses of the sparks like a huge cabaret opened on the stars.

Data: 23,24-06-2009 Godzina: 22:30
Miejsce: Stary Rynek, ul. Paderewskiego, Al. Marcinkowskiego