Cast: Abattoir Fermé
Duration: 80 min


A tourniquet is a compressing device used to cut off the blood flow to part of the body, but it can also mean an oppressor. Tourniquet was also the single that promoted Marilyn Manson's second studio album, Antichrist Superstar in 1997. In a merging of ritual, trance and exorcisms Abattoir Fermé suggests the story of a house and its three ghosts. But it is the viewer who reconstructs the story which aligns itself on the stage into images inspired by films like The Exorcist, Requiem and Lola, by the works of Caravaggio or Dante's Devine Comedy. The show is considered one of the group's most visual works to date. "This is theatre in its pure form, naked, without the necessity to utter any text. But the show is not limited to miming and the actors are not completely voiceless." (Theatermaggezien). The show "is a silent film of an hour and a half on stage and with a visual power equal to that of Murnau." (Knack). It works on the verge of what the body is capable of and is not afraid of taking risks. It is theatre on the limits of the possible.

stage management: Stef Lernous
music: Kreng
performers: Kirsten Pieters, Kristof Coenen, Chiel van Berkel.

premiere: 16 May 2007