Rabin Maharal i Golem

Duration: 50 min


Juda Loew ben Bazalel, known as a Maharal from Prague - the author of Golem, lively clay phantom - came from Poznań and during the years 1586-8 and 1592-4, after the end of Prague rabbi's term of office, he performed the function of Poznan rabbi. He and his creation, Golem, are the characters of the show Rabin Maharal and Golem.

It's not about making historical reconstruction of Maharal life, medieval Poznan, Jewish and Posnanian townpeople folklore, Polish - Jewish or Catholic- Judaism relations etc. It's about making new legend in Poznan - with a conscious of anachronism followed from fairytale atmosphere and ahistorical time in a hazy past of myth - not about historical relation or reconstruction. Material comes from literature (f.ex. Gustav Meyrlink's Golem, Posnanian Jewish legends, legends about the Host profanation )but also historical sources although not necessary to refer directly to Maharal. The authors of the spectacle want characters to be at the equal rights people (Maharal and his doughters, city guardian, catholic monk) and the phantoms and ghosts (love and death angels, Golem, dibuks).

Rabin Maharal and Golem is an open-air spectacle not connected with any special place because the authors assume that the Posnanian version of Golem myth and the legend about his creator will be shown also in other cities. Both actor's actions and huge mechanical puppets are used in the spectacle. The multimedia projection on two closing spaces moving screens will be very important element of the show.

In the spectacle Rabin Maharal and Golem the actors from Cieszyńskie Studio Teatralne take part in. The CST Theatre was created in 2000 and it belongs to the teams that decide about Polish alternative theatre. It is a laureate of Offeusz price MALTA 2003, it took part in MALTA Festivals 2004 and 2008; the theatre participates in national and international independent theatres festivals.


director - Lech Raczak

screenplay - Lech Raczak and Maciej Rembarz

dialogs and lyrics- Maciej Rembarz

decorations, screenplay, theatrical objects - Piotr Tetlak

multimedia - Jakub Psuja

costumes - Ewa Tetlak

music - Katarzyna Klebba and Paweł Paluch

Data: 23,24-06-2009 Godzina: 23:00
Miejsce: Stara Rzeźnia