"Minaret" Joanny Rajkowskiej

Duration: 2 h


The meeting will involve a presentation of a project prepared by Joanna Rajkowska, which is an eff ect of the author's residence in Poznan in October 2008, to which she received an invitation of the City Mayor.

"Minaret" involves a visual intervention in a space stretching between a former synagogue (currently a swimming pool) on the corner of Wroniecka Street and Stawna Street and the Cathedral on Ostrów Tumski. The project will change the cityscape, expanding its visual and cultural perspective. According to its author, "‘Minaret' is sort of an afterimage, resembling the man-made palm tree in Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw". Among the participants of the discussion there will be:

Joanna Rajkowska, an artist, the author of numerous projects set in public space, winner of Paszport "Polityki" - an annual award given to a major Polish weekly to most eminent artists and authors.

Dorota Grobelna, the Project curator, culture historian, a coordinator of many public projects.Grzegorz Piątek, architecture critic, co-author of "Hotel Polonia", the Polish pavilion which received a Golden Lion at the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Kaja Pawełek, a curator, art historian, the curator of "Dotleniacz" ("Oxygenator") - a public projectby Joanna Rajkowska, an author of articles on contemporary art and architecture.

The discussion will be led by Joanna Wowrzeczka-Warczok

The meeting is co-organized by Klub Krytyki Politycznej (Political Critique Club) in Poznan.

Coordinator: Kasia Czarnecka

The project in co-operation with: Gallery Starter and Plazmatikon group

Data: 24-06-2009 Godzina: 17:00
Miejsce: Galeria Miejska Arsenał (I piętro, sala B)