Duration: 1 h


"Akcja" ("Action") was written on basis of Sam Shepard's drama. Good Girl Killers tries to read it out using dance, music and rhythm, visualisation sampling parts of the text in original and in translation. Spectators will have a chance to enter - for a moment - the lonely house at the civilization suburb. They will meet there four characters waiting for a festive dinner. The characters, in the state of higher emotional activity, are on the horn of a dilemma between their inner me and the exterior envelope.

In his play Shepard analyse a moment of crossing the border between the extreme states of oneself. Under the seeming stillness the rhythm of tense, strenuous presents of the characters and their spiritual absence is pulsing.

GGK wants to create in "Akcja" theatrical/perfomance situation talking about impossibility to run away from its own blood, from its own identity and about human disagreement to that determination.

Data: 24,25-06-2009 Godzina: 18:00

Miejsce: OT Maski