Whose utopia? / We Don't Care About Music Anyway

Date: 2012-07-06
Hour: 21:00
Normal price: admission free
Duration: 1 h 50
Venue: Courtyard of The Ballet School


Whose utopia?

The Pearl River Delta is China’s most dynamically growing area. Every year it attracts thousands of workers with the promise of employment unavailable elsewhere. The Delta is the largest concentration of multinational factories supplying the world with products labelled ‘Made in China’. On the one hand, the presence of gigantic corporations enables the inclusion of China in the global economic system whilst, on the other, it excludes Chinese workers whose exploited labour is subjected to interests that definitely do not serve the local environment. Whose Utopia shows the life of the Pearl River Delta workers representing the ‘backup force’ of Chinese competitiveness in global economy depicting their vision of an ideal world. Will there come a time when this vision will become more than a mere dream? Could we all be sharing this utopia?


We Don't Care About Music Anyway

We Don't Care About Music Anyway has been hailed ‘one of the most original music documentaries recently’. The directors have succeeded in capturing the image of Tokyo’s radical, coarse and contradictive experimental scene where noise music has been developing since the 1980s. The film depicts the phenomenon in the wider context of Japanese (pop) culture whose impact on the rest of the world is undeniable. The film is not an account of the history of Japanese indie music, but rather a dynamically edited collage of characters, clichés and urban impressions merged with a fascinating soundtrack containing a combination of noise, industrial and minimal music and avant-pop. Live performances mixed with scenes from everyday life and interviews with musicians provide a startling portrayal not only of the modern Japanese underground, but also of Japanese society as a whole.

Reżyseria: Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz
Scenariusz: Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz
Występują: Sakamoto Hiromichi, Otomo Yoshihide, Yamakawa Fuyuki, L?K?O, Numb, Saidrum, Umi No Yeah, Kirihito