Elsewhere, Offshore. Part 1: Cue China

Date: 2012-07-03
Hour: 12:40
Normal price: 15 PLN
Reduced price: 10 PLN
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Duration: 30 min
Venue: Ojisan Milk Bar


Elswhere, Offshore is Ant Hampton’s latest Autoteatro work in which the automatic narrative structures are sustained and acted out by audience members. The participants are seated on two sides of a double teleprompter and look at each other via a reflecting polygonal panel. A special screen provides for a unique integration of animation, film and a spectre-like audiovisual effect which causes the face of the person seated opposite to be overlaid with that of an inaccessible Chinese worker from a distant land. The faces of the viewers, actors and the artist are literarily mixed up to create confusion. The workers presented on screen are the former employees of a factory which assembles elements for Apple. They worked until the chemical compounds in screen cleaner solutions damaged their nerves. Ant Hampton interviewed them via video chat and consciously decided not to travel to China in person. He reduced his role to that of a consumer who uses an Apple laptop to create a project: to communicate, to write, record and edit.

Direction, concept, design - Ant Hampton
Video edit - Britt Hatzius
Construction and design assistance - Thomas Busse

Interview - Jia Jing-chuan, Wang Ren Jiang, Guo Rui-qiang, Wang Rong
Translation from Chinses and help - Chungchi Lee, Valarie Liu
Binaural recording - Tito Toblerone

Commissioned by Stefan Kaegi for Idiom: Akcje Azjatyckie/Asian Investments, Malta Festival Poznań
Produced in coproduction with Malta Festival Poznań and PAZZ Festival (Germany/Niemcy)

Producer - Katja Timmerberg

Further support from Vooruit, (Belgium/Belgia) and/i Fusebox Festival (USA)

National Theatre Mannheim, Debby Chan / Students & Scholars, Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM), Wolfgang Pehlken, Mischa Twitchin, Lina Brocchieri, Kenzie Burchell, Julia Ruetzel, Katja Loher, Martin and Leonie Hampton, Anne and Thilo Hatzius

Special thanks to Vivi Tellas for discussion/consultation