Date: 2012-07-06
Hour: 19:00
Normal price: 20 PLN
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Duration: 35 min
Venue: Old Brewery, The Old Malt House, level 3


Polska is based on two phenomena: sympathy and empathy. Using a variety of devices, including dance, performance, music and video, the show, with a subtle sense of humour, leads the spectators to react physically to what they see. Some of them may feel embarrassed whilst others will try to deal with their personal projections and expectations. Most of them will probably think about performance and performativity, about achievement and success, as well as failure and trauma. The dancer wears a sprinter costume and her body cannot escape being determined by its cultural nature.

concept, choreography, performance Agata Maszkiewicz

video, sound, light Vincent Tirmarche

music Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones, Zespół z Gąbina / Piotr Figurski / Piotr Kłyś

production VierHochDrei / Lisa Schmidt

coproduction Workspace Brussels, imagetanz / brut Wien and Art Stations Foundation Poznań

support Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien oraz Bundesministerium fur Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

with thanks to Peter Connelly