Date: 2012-07-05
Hour: 21:00
Normal price: _
Duration: 1 h
Venue: Old Brewery, The Old Malt House, level 3


In E.I.O its creators ask about the value of art and how much we are willing to pay for an encounter with it. They say of the show: “it is a utopian fiction of practical solutions.” E.I.O received The Prix Jardin d’Europe 2010, the European dance prize for young choreographers "for the way in which, through this performance, with minimal resources and much imagination, they deeply redefine the concept of work, questioning the means of production both in art and real life, the creation, distribution and value of art." The performance is co-created each time by its audience whose members decide, for instance, whether they just want to be observers or active participants.

This project has been developed as research in three phases with a support of  National Dance Centre Bucharest, Feldefel production, City Council of Belgrade, Station – service for contemporary dance Belgrade, Jardin D’Europe through residency in London Hosted by Southbank Centre,  in association with 4Culture Association, Bucharest and in partnership with Laban Theatre, London.