Mickiewicz Park

Address: ul. Fredry / ul. Wieniawskiego


Adam Mickiewicz Park is a historical urban park situated in the heart of Poznań. Founded in early 20th century to the design of H. Kube, Mickiewicz Park is a classic example of the perfect aligning of buildings and garden areas. Its composition is connected to the Grand Theatre whose impressive stairs provide an excellent structural setting for the view of the building as seen from the park. The parks central element is an elongated pool with a splendid fountain surrounded by colourful flowerbeds. The southern part features two of Poznańs major monuments, i.e. that commemorating Poznań June 1956 and the Adam Mickiewicz Monument. Especially on warmer days, the park is a restful haven for numerous Poznanians and tourists who happily take a brake from the busy city in the shade or simply enjoy the sunshine.

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