U Jezuitów Gallery

Address: ul. Dominikańska 8


U Jezuitów Gallery (Christian Culture Centre, supported by the Polish Association of Artists) opened in December 1992 following the initiative of the Rev. Władysław Wołoszyn SJ, the Rev. Wacław Oszajca SJ and artists associated with independent cultural circles in the 1980s. The gallery is situated in architecturally appealing baroque and mannerist interiors, property of the Society of Jesus in Poznań. It offers a total exhibition area of 400 square metres (the two largest exhibition halls are approximately 120 square metres each). U Jezuitów is open to all fields and trends in contemporary art. A high artistic standard is ensured by the Artistic Board who, with the gallery Director, prepares the annual exhibition programmes. The Board comprises renowned artists, art critics and historians.

U Jezuitów Gallery has a reputation of being a venue of widely perceived dialogue.