The Old Slaughterhouse, Engine Room

Address: Stara Rzeźnia, ul. Garbary 101/111


Stara Rzeźnia (Old Slaughterhouse) is a venue that is among the most often used by alternative theatres. One of the major events organised there in the last decade was the Miasto (City) project by a group of alternative theatres from Poznań. Initiated by artists from Teatr Ósmego Dnia, the series of happenings and shows was a great success among the residents of Poznań. Miasto was also staged during the Malta Festival in 2003. Since then, the Festival has been present at Stara Rzeźnia nearly every year and the largest production there to date was Izabella Gustowska's project, She|Ona. Media Story. The venue is administered by Garbary Sp. z o.o.


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