annas kollektiv

annas kollektiv is a Swiss dance collective of architects, filmmakers and sociologists operating in Zurich since 1999. The collective is: Martin Bősterli, Anna Bűrgi, Boris Hitz, Katrin Oetti and Deborah Suhner. The artists inscribe their shows into specific urban architecture and ask about the social, urbanistic and cultural meanings that this architecture generates. Despite (or maybe due to) coming from a country where space is consciously and responsibly modelled, not only by institutions, but also by residents, and where millions are spent or urban renewal, they are fascinated with images of decline and devastation. They create site-specific shows in post-industrial areas, underground car parks, tower blocks and railway stations – abandoned places that belong to no one and are wasting away. Their interventions make these urban locations unreal. Using movement, film, light and sound, the group provides a new perspective on urban space.