Anne Juren / Marianne Baillot / Alix Eynaudi / Agata Maszkiewicz

All of the four artists worked together before in various constellations. The Vienna-based project initiator, Anne Juren, who is well known to the Poznań audience, studied at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse, Lyon, and the Trisha Brown Studios, New York. Alix Eynaudi was educated in ballet at Opéra de Paris. She then studied at P.A.R.T.S., Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s contemporary dance school, and danced, for six years, in her company Rosas. Agata Maszkiewicz studied at the Institute of Dance Arts, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitaet, Linz, Austria, and Centre Choreoghraphique National (CCN), Montpellier. Marian Baillot is a graduate of the prestigious French Sciences-Po University, Grenoble (social and political science). As a dancer she started with gymnastics and then furthered her experience in Grenoble and Austria (SEAD, Linz and DANCEWEB), in addition to workshops in various parts of Europe.